No Engine Idling

Vehicle emissions greatly contribute to greenhouse gases – the gases that are responsible for the climatic warming we are experiencing on Earth. Did you know that if every driver of a light-duty vehicle in Canada avoided idling for just five minutes a day, we would prevent more than 1 million tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year? This represents a huge contribution to Canada’s climate change efforts. For more information about Clean Air Day visit:

The Oak Bay Green Committee and GreenGatherings Oak Bay are working towards a ban on unnecessary engine idling in the Capital Regional District and surrounding communities. A ban on engine idling not only educates drivers about the need to reduce emissions, it creates awareness around the relationship between society’s over-reliance on vehicles and the damage it is doing to the environment and our children.
Natural Resources Canada reports that young people are especially susceptible to carbon emissions due to their developing lungs and need to take in oxygen at an increased rate; exposing them to increased amounts of particulate matter believed to cause respiratory related illnesses. Often, school parking lots are hot spots for idling vehicles – as caregivers drop off and pick up children in early morning (when children are arriving) and afternoon (when children are leaving). Statistics show that parents participate in unnecessary engine idling more than any other group.
The No Engine Idling movement is spreading across Canada and we are hoping it will continue to gain momentum on Vancouver Island and surrounding communities. Even though there is much progress being made, one only has to visit school parking lots, drive-throughs and any ferry terminal to see that we urgently need to raise awareness about the negative effects of unnecessary vehicle idling.
The Oak Bay Green Committee