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As the name implies, the Student Services team is composed of a number of professionals dedicated to helping students to reach their full potential. Once a week they meet as a School Based Team to arrive at strategies to help students who are struggling with serious personal, academic or career issues. The team is comprised of Administrators, Counselors, and the Learning Resource Center teachers. Access to any member of the Student Services Team is through any one of a number of ways. Students can drop by the counselling office to make an appointment with their counsellor or check in to see if one is available. Additionally, a family can contact a member of the team via telephone, e-mail, or with the assistance of a school secretary.

Although students and families may ask for a specific counselor, the student population is equitably divided among the Counselors by last name. That division is as follows:

Derek Horton A-E

Will Moore F-Q

Mary Klovance R-Z

Kristina Lane   Youth and Family Counselor  (all students)