Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a member of the PAC?

All parents and guardians of children currently attending Oak Bay Secondary are automatically members of the PAC.

When and where does the PAC meet?

The PAC meets every month in the East cafeteria. The time and location of the meetings are indicated on the school calendar, which is available on-line and here on the PAC website here.

Why attend PAC Meetings?

The PAC meetings provide an opportunity to meet other parents and get excellent updates from the administration at Oak Bay. It is a wonderful way to stay up to date with what is happening at the school.

Are there places I can volunteer at the school?

As a PAC we need a lot of volunteers to help us with the Halloween Dance. We will be at the Open House on September 19th and you can sign up to help. It is a really fun evening and we do not go anywhere near the gym, so your son/daughter doesn’t have to worry that you will be watching them! Unlike middle school, you will find that if your son/daughter participates in clubs/sports/music, etc. that your volunteer and fundraising efforts will be more streamlined to that area.

What is “TAG”?

TAG stands for Teacher Advisor Group and is a form of “Home Room” for our students. When a student enters Oak Bay, he or she is assigned to a TAG, which is made up of students from all four grades. Barring special circumstances, the student will remain in the TAG with the same teacher advisor for the duration of his or her stay at the school.