Volunteer Driver Information


Volunteer Drivers Information

Volunteer Driver Regulation 1241 info.


*You will need the following items to be able to be eligible to be a driver for any student:

  1. Volunteer Driver’s form
  2. Copy of insurance showing 1mil+ liability
  3. Copy of driver’s licence
  4. Criminal Record check
  5. Drivers Abstract


  • Complete the appropriate “Volunteer Driver Form” (Adult or Student)  and provide a copy of your Driver’s License and insurance.
  • All drivers, staff, volunteer adults and students, are required to phone ICBC to get a copy of their Driver’s Abstract. The phone number is  1-800-663-3051.  Have your driver’s license number ready.  You can also click on this link to go to the ICBC website
    Once you receive your Driver’s Abstract via email, please bring it to the school office along with the completed driver form and photocopies of license and insurance.  This information can also be emailed to oakbayinfo@sd61.bc.ca in the main office
  • Teachers and CUPE staff do not need to apply for a new Criminal Record Check. This is already done through Human Resources as part of the hiring/employment process.
  • Adult volunteers can apply online for a Criminal Record Check at https://justice.gov.bc.ca/criminalrecordcheck using the school’s access code B9XNNH8V37.  The Criminal Record Check is free and will be sent directly to the school’s email.