Department Head: Ms. C. Roberts

Ms. K. Baker
Mr. T. Bradshaw
Ms. K. Brereton
Mr. K. Busch
Ms. J. Gillespie
Ms. L. Green
Mr. D. Jardine
Mr. S. Sran
Mr. B. Turner
Ms. T. Yarr

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Marking Scales


Grade 9 Speak Out!

Information about Speak Out! and the Video from 2012

Examples of good writing

Cell Phone: Tool or Toy? – Maya Ando – Oak Bay High School – 2013

Writing Tips for English Students

When writing about literature, remember….

Junior English

  • titles; book; “poem”; “story”
  • include a clear thesis statement
  • use third person; no “I”; no “you”
  • use present tense
  • avoid colloquialisms and idioms
  • no abbreviations (&); no contractions
  • divide content into paragraphs

Senior English

  • reference title and author in first paragraph
  • use punctuation to guide your reader
  • attach quotations|: “quotation” (24.|
  • ensure all pronouns have antecedents
  • ensure pronouns agree with antecedents in number | he/she cannot later become they |
  • use a variety of sentences
  • write clear, concise conclusion

Grammar and Writing Tips

Provincial Exam Dates – TBA