September 14, 2020

Daily Announcements

September 14, 2020 


CLE 11 On-Line
If you are taking CLE 11 On-Line here at Oak Bay, please see Ms. Taggart in Room 304 at lunch or during the Student Support Block Wednesday afternoon so you can get started on your course.

Hello grade 9s and grade 10s, would you like to complete 2 math classes this year?  Would you like to create space in your grade 12 year?  Do you want to complete a math course at your own pace outside of the timetable?  If so sign up for our accelerated math program. LINK.

There will be a zoom meeting to answer questions Tuesday September 15th & September 22nd during lunch time.

You can come to room 309 at lunch too but there is only space for 15 socially distanced students.

AMP links: Google classroom for grade 9:(5pn27eh) Google Classroom for grade 10/11 (tnk3cal) Google Classroom For AMP12:(f7hjuxa)

AND AMP sign up: LINK