Morning Announcement Monday Feb. 3

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CAFETERIA: –  Tacos , Taco Salad  & Nachos

AMNES-TEA – Amnesty  International will be selling tea and cinnamon buns outside the cafeteria this Friday Feb. 7 at lunch.

RUGBY –  Junior Barbs Rugby team begins practices on Tuesday Feb.4th @ 3;30 on the oval. Full team!

TENNIS TRYOUTS       Please see Mr. Spray today at lunch to sigh up for tryouts.   Tryouts this week Feb.4 Tuesday and Thursday Feb. 6 @ 7:10 AM  court bubble 4  and tryouts Tuesday Feb. 11 @7:10 AM.  Please visit Mr. Spray’s school Website and click the Tennis Program Link to sign up. Also International students who play tennis Please tryout and check out the tennis program link.

WELLNESS WEEK – This week at Oak Bay  – Wellness Week ! The purpose of this project is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle!  Today is “Mental Monday”, so please    send down a student from tag to pick up “brain teasers” from the tag  teacher’s mail boxes.

CANCER RESEARCH:  Are you a grade 11 student interested in learning more about cancer and cancer research?   ”Xavier Pellitier Internship at the Deeley Research Centre” will take place this summer from July 2 to Aug.22. Interested applicants please see Mr. Carmichael or Mrs. Giesbrecht as soon as possibible for the details of Oak Bay’s nomination process and details.    Application details can be found at


“HMCS MALAHAT will be holding a lunch hour information session on the 6 of February at the Career Centre.  HMCS MALAHAT is the local Naval Reserve unit in James Bay and offers a wide variety of exciting Navy jobs with part time employment during the school year and full time summer employment during the summer.  If you’re interested in travelling, learning a new trade, making new friends all across Canada while being paid to do it then stop by the information session and speak to a recruiter.”