Code of Conduct





We, the community of Oak Bay High School, believe that everyone should behave in a manner that demonstrates mutual respect and an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of others.  We promote a safe, caring and orderly school environment that is free from all forms of discrimination, including discrimination on the basis of race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, and age, as mandated by sections 7 and 8 of the BC Human Rights Code. All reasonable steps will be taken to prevent the possibility of retaliation resulting from complaints made regarding behaviour contrary to the Code of Conduct.

Members of our school community are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of respect, conduct, personal responsibility, and good judgment during all school activities including breaks, lunchtime, spare blocks, travel to and from school, and while attending school functions including field trips and all extra-curricular events. All staff (teaching and non-teaching) have a general supervision responsibility during school time and at any school function, whether on formal duty or not, and students are required to comply with this authority.

These expectations include but are not limited to:

  • Respecting and defending the human and educational rights of all students.
  • Respecting personal property of all those in our school community, respecting our school building and its contents, as well as property in our surrounding neighbourhood.
  • Respecting the right of every member of the school community and our guests to feel safe and be free from any form of bullying or intimidation.
  • Respecting that the school and all school related events are alcohol, drugs, smoke and weapons free. This includes vapourizers and replica weapons. The Capital Regional District’s Clean Air Bylaw allows for a $50 fine for people who smoke on school grounds.
  • Respecting members of the school neighbourhood by being courteous to people in the area, refraining from disturbing their daily activities, and respecting their properties. This includes avoiding smoke-pits that may interfere with our neighbours.
  • Engaging in appropriate use of school computers and personal electronic devices. Cell phones should be turned off and not in use during class time without prior permission.


Students are expected to attend all of their classes on time. Teachers record attendance for each class. Missed classes equals missed learning! Full attendance is essential to school success. Students who miss classes are responsible for making up the missed learning time.

Late to Class

Students are expected to be in classes on time with all the necessary materials. Late is a type of absence and interferes with learning. Frequent tardiness may result in teacher intervention to make up for the missed learning time.

Academic Honesty

Students are expected to present their own work in class and on homework assignments. Plagiarism is using another person’s work and presenting it as your own. Plagiarism is a form of cheating; it is theft, and could be in the form of written, visual, audio, or other media. If another person’s ideas are used, credit must be given in the form of a citation. Plagiarism is considered a serious academic offense and will result in consequences determined by the teacher and/or administration and may include loss of marks for the assignment.

Acceptable Use of Internet/Technology

Electronics are not be be used during class time unless permitted by the teacher. These should be kept in backpacks or lockers. School computers and internet resources, used carefully and wisely, can provide important avenues of learning for students. Inappropriate uses of Internet communications including the sending of threatening or harassing comments or cyberbullying are unacceptable. Any incidents will be addressed as a very serious issue and may include, but are not limited to, removal of WiFi access. Students will engage in appropriate curricular behaviour when using the district network. Students will only publish their own personal information if related to curricular activities and parent/guardian consent is given. Students will not publish other people’s personal information without permission.  Personal information includes name, location, phone number, images, video, work and username.


Lockers are the property of OBH, and the school may open or search lockers under special circumstances. Combination locks, provided by the school, must be used. Missing locks or damaged lockers may be charged to the students.

Driving & Parking

It is expected that all school members drive with due care and attention and park in designated areas. The student parking lot is located on Goldsmith Avenue (at the end of the track).


As good citizenship of OBH, students are expected to inform a staff member of incidents of bullying, harassment and intimidation as well as of any knowledge related to possession of weapons or illegal substances. Any student who is involved in, observes, or knows about an emergency situation at school, or at a school function, should contact the nearest staff member as soon as possible to seek help. In these cases, the staff will take all reasonable steps to prevent retaliation against a student who has reported a breach in the Code of Conduct.


Redirection for students who conduct themselves contrary to the Code of Conduct will be appropriate to the context, severity and frequency of the behaviour, as well as the maturity level, age, and any special needs of the student. Whenever possible and appropriate, consequences for breaches of the Code will be restorative in nature rather than punitive. Interventions may include one or more of the following:

  • On-the-spot conference or redirection
  • Follow-up meeting between the student(s) and staff member(s)
  • Contact with parent or guardian
  • Restitution, including a logical remedy for the problem (e.g. paying for damage wilfully caused) and supporting anyone who is a victim or who suffers as a result of the student’s actions
  • Restorative Justice conference/facilitation
  • Supportive intervention and/or service to school
  • Additional time for the student with the teacher or at the office
  • Referral to counselling, administration, and/or community support services
  • Suspension, including in-school or out of school
  • Referral to the district review committee
  • Police involvement

Rising Expectations

As students move through their years in high school, they are expected to assume increasing responsibility and self-discipline. Students will be given numerous opportunities to participate in making decisions and to work on committees and in groups to improve the school community and environment. Students are expected to take on more of a leadership role and to serve as role models as they move through the graduation years. As such, there will be increasing consequences for inappropriate behaviour.

Notification of Parents or Other Agencies

The school has the responsibility to advise parents of serious and/or repetitive breaches to the code of conduct. We expect that parents and the school staff will work together to bring about a change of behaviour and that efforts will be made in this regard. In some cases, parents of a second party (e.g. a victim) will also be contacted and informed of an investigation into another student’s conduct. Administrators may be required by policy or law to contact School Board Officials, police, or other agencies.


Any students who have information about inappropriate behaviour or criminal activities are asked to contact a staff member. Students can also engage our school Crimestoppers program by contacting the school administration or calling the anonymous Crimestoppers Tips Line at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).


Visitors are not permitted at the school between the normal operating hours 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. except when on legitimate school business. Visitors at OBH on legitimate school business are required to report to the office upon arrival to receive authorization for their presence. OBH students must not visit other schools except on legitimate school business.

Updated August 2018