Welcome to Mme Chell’s website

This Page is where you can find the information required to complete your homework on time and prepare for quizzes, tests, projects and presentations.  It is very important if you are absent.  It is your responsibility to find out what was missed. HINT: check the link!  You can access homework missed and get caught up by clicking on the appropriate link below.

I am available for Focus on Tuesdays in room 205 and on Fridays in rm 206.  Please come and see me if you have any questions, would like extra help, missed a quiz/evaluation or need to hand-in a late assignment.  All students welcome.

Please check back frequently as these links will be regularly updated.

Please click on this link to review FRAL 10



Please click on this link to review Intermediate DANCE 9,10,11,12 .



Please click on this link to review Planning 10 .