Ms. D. Guay


Et bienvenue sur ma page web/welcome on my web page.

My name is Madame Guay. I am from Québec, but I have been living here for 22 years. I have two grow up kids who now live and study in Montréal. I joined l’École Secondaire Oakbay High school 2 years ago. I enjoy working with your children, and I am hoping it is an enjoyable experience for them as well.

Please note that I am available outside of class time most days after school for students who might need the extra help. Special appointments can be made if necessary. Drop in is also possible given I don’t have another commitment.

All booklets and worksheets are posted on my website. Students can access them by clicking on the provided links.   They needs to be registered with GAFE to access those links.

Shall you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me

My school email is:


Madame Guay

Fral 11

Fral 10

Fral  9