Environmental Club

NameTeacher SponsorTeacher ContactMeeting TimesLocation
Amnesty InternationalMr. Lienardsjlienard@sd61.bc.caWednesday - lunch221
Duke of EdinburghMs. Taggartrtaggart@sd61.bc.ca304
Environment ClubMr. Shrubsoledjshrubsole@sd61.bc.caFriday - lunch214
Interact clubMr. Price, Mr., Monday - lunch
Me to WeMs. Taggartrtaggart@sd61.bc.caTuesday - lunch304
Oak Bay Youth Outreach (OBYO) FoundationMs. Giesbrechtsgiesbrecht@sd61.bc.caFriday - lunchCareer Center
Pride ClubMs. Kubicektkubicek@sd61.bc.caFriday lunch313
Sailing ClubMr. Schippersmschippers@sd61.bc.caMonday after school - Saturday morningRoyal Victoria Yacht Club
Speech and Debate TeamMr. Bradshawtbradshaw@sd61.bc.caThursday after school; Friday after school
Support and Empowerment ClubMs. Rowekrowe@sd61.bc.caWed - LunchAboriginal Ed.
Tennis ClubMr. Spraytdspray@sd61.bc.caTues. & Fri. 7:10 AM4 Court Bubble
Youth Against CancerMs. Taggartrtaggart@sd61.bc.caWednesday - lunch304
100 Teens Who CareMs. Taggartrtaggart@sd61.bc.caMay. 11th 4:00 pm Cafeteria